The plans in detail

Below we can see the existing site layout. The site boundary is marked in red.

Now we can see the proposed site layout. As before, the site boundary is marked in red while the existing buildings are marked in grey, and the proposed buildings are marked in blue. The new hard play area will be in front of the new sports hall.

New floor plan

Next, we can see the proposed layout for the new Block A and D. The new Block D will contain classrooms and offices, including a new office for the Head and new staff rooms. 

Block A and D floor plan


Below are the Block A and Block D elevations.

Block A and D elevations

Below is the floor plan and the elevations of the new Block C, which contains two science rooms.

Block C plan and elevation


Below we can see floorplans of the Block B and the new Blocks E and F. Block E contains new classrooms and store rooms. 

Block B and E plans

Block F, shown below, is the new Sports Hall. It includes changing rooms and store rooms. 

Block B and Blocks E and F plans

Below is a further floorplan and elevations of Block F, the games hall.

Block F elevations


Below are shown the elevations of Blocks B, E and F adjoining the existing buildings. 

Block B and E elevations

The diagram below shows the elevations of new Blocks E and F with the main school building.

Blocks B E F

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